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 Auto-darkening IPL glasses

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Pulse™ Auto-darkening IPL Glasses

Active-shutter eye safety glasses have revolutionized IPL procedures.  These glasses have light colored lenses that darken immediately upon sensing an IPL pulse.  They return to a light-colored state immediately after the end of the pulse.  Active-lens glasses utilize Liquid Crystal technology and advanced electronics to achieve this amazing function.

Traditional Passive Lens Protective Glasses

Before the advent of this technology, IPL operators had to wear dark glasses or goggles.  Even though the glasses are very dark, most operators find that they still need to close their eyes or look away while the handpiece is pulsed.  This is because the lenses need to be light enough in color to provide the ability to view the skin between pulses.  However, the lenses are not light enough in color to accurately view vascular lesions or the shade of solar lentigines (sun spots).  Therefore, the operator still has to lift the glasses or goggles to view the progress of the treatment.  When treating veins or sun spots, this action must be done after every pulse to ensure that the correct endpoint is being achieved.  When performing hair removal, the glasses need to be removed every few pulses to make sure the skin is not being burned.  In essence, the lenses are too light to comfortably look at the treatment area during the light pulse and they are too dark to view skin coloration after the pulse.

Revolutionary Active Lens Protective Glasses
When the IPL handpiece is pulsed, “active” lenses darken in half a millisecond (0.5 ms).  This quick darkening is virtually instantaneous.  Wearing these glasses, you will not see any of the flash from the IPL.  When the pulse is finished, the glasses return to a non-darkened state in 0.5 ms.  This represents a tremendous improvement over traditional “passive” safety glasses. 
These IPL safety glasses provide maximum clarity of vision while protecting the operator.  They allow the operator to look at the treatment area during the flash and view skin color, hair follicles, vascular lesions and pigmented lesions without having to lift or remove the glasses. These glasses vastly improve safety, efficacy and productivity.  These safety glasses utilize patented Liquid Crystal (LC) technology adapted from the aerospace industry.  An electric current applied to the liquid crystals instantly darkens the  lens.  When the current is removed, the lens reverts to its original clear state   The auto-darkening feature works even in a brightly lit or sunny room.

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