IPL, LED & Ultrasound for the modern medi-spa

IPL Training

Aspen Aesthetics offers a curriculum specifically tailored towards IPL training.  IPL technology cannot be treated as a one-day adjunct to a laser class.  IPL training is unique and requires attention to aspects such as multi-wave light-tissue interaction, spectrum emission changes as a result of varying energy settings and flashlamp aging, depth of effective radiation, differences between IPL and LASER coherency and polarization and unique advantages to IPL treatments.  The basic curriculum in IPL hair removal is a three-day class which is accompanied by a 200-page technical reference manual.  IPL training for Photofacical, reduction of vascular lesions and pigmented lestions requires one to two days additional time for theory and practicum.  Compare this level of detail with any other IPL training class in the nation!

IPL training:  on-site and DVD (coming soon!)

One and Two day intensive IPL classes available at

your location or in Denver, Colorado.

Skin Anatomy
Hair Anatomy
     How to Schedule Follow-ups for Vastly Superior Efficacy
Introduction to Light
     Energy vs. Power
Characteristics of Light
     Measuring Energy
     Depth of Penetration
     Using Polarization for Optimal Results
     Treatment room safety
     Personal safety
     IPL Setup Issues
Light-Tissue Interaction
     Target Chromophores & Competing Chromophores
     IPL Device Spectrums vs. LASER Spectrums
     How to Optimize Depth of Penetration
            When to maximize depth of penetration
            When to minimize depth of penetration
     How to Use Scatter to Your Advantage
     How to Match Thermal Relaxation Time (TRT) to Pulse Duration
     Proper Use of Multiple-Pulse IPL Devices
Purchasing, Operating and Maintaining IPL Devices
     Variables Affecting Efficacy and Safety
     Spectral Issues with Flash Lamp Aging
     Issues Affecting Use of Filters
Patient Consultation Procedures
Sample Documents
     Consultation Procedures
     Pre-Treatment Assessment
     Pre-Treatment Patient Information
     Patient Consent Forms
     Patient Medical History Forms
     Skin Type Assessment Worksheets
List of 300 Drugs that Produce Photosensitivity, Photoreactivity or Phototoxicity in Skin

PowerPoint Presentation - 110 Slides

One day of hands-on training

IPL Training & LASER Training

Hair removal, Photofacial, Telangiectasia, Lentigines, Rosacea, Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), Wrinkle reduction (collagen rejuvenation)

Theory, procedures, maintenance, safety, legal and marketing aspects to maximize efficacy and profitability