IPL, LED & Ultrasound for the modern medi-spa

KL-26 advanced led & pdt system

Compare these features with any other LED system

No matter what wavelength or modulation modality you choose, all treatments are:

  • Simple - User-friendly LCD screen shows all parameters.
  • Convenient - After practitioner sets parameters, treatments require no additional attention.  Practitioner can attend to other clients while LED treatment progresses.
  • Comfortable - Clients experience deep relaxation; many fall asleep during treatment.
  • Effective - Efficacy is readily apparent after only two or three treatments.


Red - This long wavelength (630 nm) exhibits the deepest penetration.  It enhances cell metabolism and promotes the fibroplasts to create new collagen (neo-collagen).  This increases skin elasticity and decreases fine lines and wrinkles.  It also reduces sun spots (solar lentigines) and pore size.  It promotes general skin health, circulation and reduces allergies and sensitivity.

This is a perfect adjunct regimen to IPL Photofacial treatments.  A package of five Photofacial IPL treatments interspersed every other week with five LED treatments is highly efficacious and economical.  The IPL Photofacial reduces imperfections in the epidermis such as dark spots (sun spots, melasma), red spots (teliangectasia, rosacea, cherry hemangiomas) and large pore size.  The red LED treatment promotes collagen production and general health in the reticular and papillary dermis.  In other words, the surface of the skin will be treated one week and the lower levels of the skin will be treated the next week.

Blue - This short wavelength (415 nm) concentrates all energy in the upper (epidermal) layers of the skin.  It reduces inflammation and P. Acnes bacteria.  For maximum efficacy in treating acne vulgaris, begin a regimen of IPL treatments with a 400 nm filter and then follow-up with maintenance treatments with blue LED.

Actinic keratoses - The KL-26 Advanced LED system is the perfect light source for Photodynamic Therapy (PDT).  PDT is a medical procedure indicated for the treatment of minimal to medium thickness Actinic Keratoses (AK).  A typical protocol is the topical application of 20% Amino Linoleic Acid (ALA) to the effected area of skin.  Blue LED light is then applied for 15 minutes.  The treated areas are extremely photo-sensitive and the high energy blue LED light converts the ALA to a reactive oxygen (singlet) species that causes necrosis of the AK tissue. 

Purple - This combines the deep penetrating efficacy of light treatment with anti-inflammatory results.  It is especially useful for repairing acne scars, particularly "pan-type" scarring.

Yellow - This transmits energy to an intermediate depth and is used to promote the immune system of the epidermis.

Green - This medium energy wavelength (525 nm) assists lymph drainage and is useful in reducing redness (edema) produced by IPL or laser treatments.

Orange - This is useful after red LED treatment to move the energy to slightly higher levels of the skin.  By starting with red (the deepest penetration) and proceding with orange or yellow (shallower penetration), sebum can be moved upwards.


The LED device allows the choice of nine working modes, from constant (always ON) to eight levels of pulsation:  slow (1 Hz) to fast (30 Hz).


The KL-26 provides ten different energy settings for all working modes of the LED device.


The KL-26 Advanced LED device is one of the few on the market that provide a large LED panel as well as two different hand pieces:

LED Panel - Easily adjusts for optimum placement while client is seated or laying down.  The panel is securely fastened to the chassis via two separate supports, providing unprecedented stability and ease of placement.

Medium Handpiece - This handpiece provides a choice of red, blue and purple light for treating areas of the skin that are smaller or require more intensive treatment.

Laser Pen - This handpiece provides only red light.  It allows the practitioner to choose nine working (modulation) modes and ten different energy levels for an unprecedented level of control compared to any other model of small LED handpiece on the market.

When the medium and small hand pieces are not used, they are conveniently stored inside a cabinet built into the main chassis.


The KL-26 LED system can be shipped in 110 VAC and 220 VAC versions.

kl-26 advanced led & pdt system

Six colors  -  nine modulation modes  -  ten energy settings

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